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Sens de l'acronyme / Abréviation UN MICRO (Acronymes Français)

Le acronyme UN MICRO(Acronymes Français) signifie : Un Micro Phone

Que signifie l'acronyme UN MICRO ?

L'Abréviation UN MICRO signifie: (Acronymes Français) Un Micro Phone

Acronyme sens de UN MICRO (Acronymes Français)

UN MICRO (Acronymes Français) signifie: Un Micro Phone

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Sens de UN MICRO

UN MICRO signifie: Un Micro Phone

Sens de Fochem International

Fochem International signifie: Address : 3965-5915 St Ives Ct, Arlington, TX 76017

Phone Number : 830-262-2739

Email : [email protected]

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Description : FOCHEM INTERNATIONAL offers a broad portfolio of customized released agents and special lubricants for the entire spectrum of the metal working industry, and many related applications.
We take great pride in our Research & Development. The chemical products are formulated in conjunction with specifically developed manufacturing technologies.
Fochem International has always persued a so-called “vertical diversification”, starting from crude raw materials to finished products. This policy gives us a certain degree of independence, and the products can be talior-made to suit the needs of our customers.
Fochem International has a state-of-the-art production facility, South of Johannesburg / South Africa. The individual processes are fully automatic in line with highest German standards. This explains why more than 70% of our production can be timely exported to over 20 countries.
Fochem International is DIN EN ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.
New Bead Wet Mill Technology for the Processing of Micro Fine Graphite Dispersions
For the production of dispersions used in the coatings industry, small particle sizes of a specific shape are essential. The so-called “Bead Mills” are commonly used for the manufacture of such dispersions.Bead Mills are machines for the ultra fine grinding of solid particles in a liquid, mostly water, in the presence of small ceramic, glass- or metal beads.

New Technology for the Production of “Hydrophobic Emulsions”
For the past 40 years or so, so-called water-based release agents are in use for high pressure die-casting. Most of the products are based on colloidal aqueous wax dispersions, at times mixed with emulsified siloxanes. The manufacture of such products is fairly easy and follows standard types of procedures.

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Popular questions of UN MICRO people search before coming here

Q: What does UN MICRO stand for? A: UN MICRO stands for "Un Micro Phone".

Q: How to abbreviate "Un Micro Phone"? A: "Un Micro Phone" can be abbreviated as UN MICRO.

Q: What is the meaning of UN MICRO acronym? A: The meaning of UN MICRO acronym is "Un Micro Phone".

Q: What is UN MICRO abbreviation? A: One of the definitions of UN MICRO is "Un Micro Phone".

Q: What does UN MICRO mean? A: UN MICRO as abbreviation means "Un Micro Phone".

Q: What is shorthand of Un Micro Phone? A: A common acronym of "Un Micro Phone" is UN MICRO.

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